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The table that follows contains a comprehensive list of video clips available from Christian from Muslim. Click on the title to watch the video and learn more.

Lesson on Islam and the OccultLesson on Liberty or Laws?Lesson on Jesus’ Style of Teaching and LivingLesson on Introduction to Islam for ChristiansSuggestions for Study Group LeadersLesson on The Inspiration and Translation of the BibleLesson on The Bible and the Qur’anLesson on Why Believe the Bible?Lesson on What Makes a True Prophet?Lesson on Being New in God’s FamilyLesson on The Path of the ProphetsLesson on Easter: The Crucifixion and Resurrection of JesusLesson on Christmas: God Becomes Man and is Three-in-oneLesson on Fear, Persecution, and Spiritual Warfare
Gospel Video Tract for Muslims: Path of the Prophets
Meet Dr. Cynthia and HudaEnable Us Music Video with Words
Does God Exist?How is God’s voice implied in the Bible?How do Christians spread the Gospel?
Shopping DayThe Wedding of a Former Muslim and a ChristianDiscussing Jesus in the AirportShare the Gospel with Kevin and Dee
Returning to IslamWhy shouldn’t I become a Muslim? with Georges Houssney and EliasWhat are the differences between Islam & Christianity? with Georges Houssney and EliasAdvice for Leaving Islam, with Georges Houssney and Elias
Facing Insecurity, with Mark VykaChristian Liberty, with Georges HoussneyAre there Rules in Christianity? with Georges HoussneyWhy Shouldn’t I Marry a Muslim? with George SaiegWhy I Wouldn’t Marry a Muslim, with AdaWhy a Christian Shouldn’t Marry a Muslim, with Georges Houssney and EliasThe Importance of Prayer, with Kevin & DeeDisciplines of the Christian Life, with Mike LiconaChristian DenominationsWorship StylesDaily Bible Reading, with Kevin and DeeChristian Service with Mike LiconaWhat is a Real Christian?The Reality of Christian from MuslimWelcome to God’s FamilyViolence and Rules in the Qur’anWhat is Discipleship?The Qur’an’s Spell Part 2The Qur’an’s Spell Part 1The Place of Miracles with Georges HoussneyThe Importance of Discipleship with Bob SiegelTestimony of Jewish Background Believer with Bob SiegelOccult Practices in The Middle East with Georges HoussneyMiracles Natural and Supernatural, with Nabeel QureshiIslam Restricts Learning and ChoiceIs There Power in the Words of the Qur’an?Is it Wrong to Ask for a Miracle? with Bob SiegelGrowth Takes TimeGrowing as a Christian with Professor Daniel ScotGoals for a Former Muslim DiscipleEncouragement to Read the BibleDo I Need a Miracle to Convert? with Nabeel QureshiThe Sermon on the MountHuda Hopes You LearnLessons from SurfingJesus’ Teaching StylePurpose of Jesus’ TeachingJesus’ Teaching Amazed the PeopleJesus’ Teaching – MetaphorsSix Month Discipleship UpdateBeing Friends with God by Fouad MasriDiscussing the Great CommissionWhy are Christians Baptized?Former Muslim Huda’s BaptismThe Ocean and the Great CommissionFive Year Discipleship UpdateAdult BaptismLessons from Picking PomegranatesJesus’ Teaching – ContextJesus’ Parables – Lost Jewelry CoinSeeking CoffeeJesus’ Parables – Prodigal Son with Bob SiegelJesus’ Parable – Types of SoilJesus’ Teaching – NeighborsJesus’ Parable – The VineThe Power of ParablesMisuse of ParablesThree Keys to the Truth with Georges HoussneyIs Detachment Good? with Luke PriceAre All Religions True? with Luke PriceThe Bible is Written in Several StylesInspiration of the BibleTranslations of the Bible and Qu’ranAre there many Bibles?What’s in the New Testament? – Part ThreeWhat’s in the New Testament? – Part TwoWhat’s in the New Testament? – Part OneWhat’s in the Old Testament?Psalm 23 with Bob SiegelIntro to the Bible – Part TwoIntro to the Bible – Part OneDo We Get Points for Reading the Bible?How Many Prophets Wrote the Bible?What Does Injeel Mean?The Bible and the Qur’an Part 2God’s FaithfulnessHistorical Evidence of the CrucifixionFormer Muslim’s First EasterHas the Bible been corrupted?Disillusion with IslamWhere do I start reading the Bible?Jesus or Mohammed?How do I find the truth?Why is the crucifixion important?Did Jesus only appear to die?Did Jesus die on the cross? Part 2Did Jesus die on the cross? Part 1What is the difference between the Bible and the Quran?How Does God Speak in the Bible?
An American who Converted to Islam for MarriageNabeel Qureshi’s Decision to Follow JesusTestimony of Former Muslim MBIBarbie’s Personal Testimony & EncouragementHuda’s testimony of becoming Christian from Muslim
Nabeel Qureshi and the Koran by Terry KelhawkCalifornia State University Sacramento
Tour Turkey in 6 minutesThe Healing Waters of Hot Springs, South DakotaMendocino Coast and the House on the RockPeace and Purpose in the GardenFort Bragg Catch of the DayQuick Trip to Washington DCA Quick Trip to Egypt with Dr. Cynthia
The Qur’an’s Spell (Arabic)Huda’s Reasons for Joining this Project SubtitlesArabic translations of the BibleHuda Summarizes the Bible & Quran (عربى with English subtitles)Why the Bible?
Short Clips
Huda on IslamMosques in America