Jesus or Mohammed? with George Houssney

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Jesus or Mohammed? This is a question anyone who compares Christianity and Islam must ask. Who is the true prophet, Jesus or Mohammed? In this video clip Dr. Cynthia interviews Georges Houssney, coming from the Arab world, for his guidance in how we can determine who has the true message, Jesus or Mohammed?

Although Muslims claim that both Jesus and Mohammed are prophets, since they make opposite claims of what is true, how we should live, and how we get to heaven, a sincere seeker of truth must decide who brings the true message, Jesus or Mohammed? Houssney tells us to start with what both men claim about themselves. Mohammed claims to be “only a warner.” Jesus claims to be the Son of God and Savior. Since the difference between the two messages is extreme and impacts our eternal destiny, we must determine which brings the true message from God – Jesus or Mohammed?