Huda on Islam

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Huda on Islam (English) is a video clip of Huda, a in reality. In it Huda, a former Muslim is driving Dr. Cynthia to a meeting about Islam when she starts talking about Islam. Dr. C grabs the camera to catch her in candid discussion. Huda relates with animation how she feels she was deceived in Islam for many years while she lived in a Muslim country with no access to the truth. She is very glad that now, due to the internet and websites (like this) Muslims across the world finally have access to the truth.

By watching debates, Huda has learned that the Muslim debaters and leaders do not have good answers to the objections put forward by Christians, atheists, and other critics of Islam. She says there are many ugly things about Mohammed and Islam which are hidden from the Muslim world. Because of this, Huda was well into adulthood before she came to America and discovered the truth about Islam. She challenges all Muslims to research through the internet, and every other ways to find out the truth about Islam.