Why shouldn’t I become a Muslim? with Georges Houssney and Elias

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In this video, Arabs Georges Houssney and Elias discuss why you shouldn’t become a Muslim. Out of the many reasons that you shouldn’t become a Muslim they select six, as follows:

  1. The concern that Westerners are being converted to a false picture of Islam. The Islamic concept of taqiyya, dissimulation (adapted from Qur’an Surah 3:26), allows an inaccurate picture to be presented for reasons such as self-protection and proselytism.
  2. Christian concepts and views of God are being adapted into presentation of something different than Islam is. You might think their view of God is more similar to the Christian view than it actually is.
  3. Saving relationship with Jesus Christ. Elias wants us to know that what is important is not which religion wins more followers, but that in Christianity you can have a personal, saving relationship with Jesus.
  4. The Law of Apostasy. You should not become a Muslim because, based on the Qur’an (Surah 9:12 & 4:89) and hadith (El Bukhari 9:57) once you become a Muslim, you can not leave Islam without risking death. Houssney tells us that we should not become Muslims based on this risk. He shares a case with us that illustrates Islamic freedom of religion is to convert to Islam, not from it. (In some Muslim countries, your official religion is part of your official documents.)
  5. The Truth. We should not become a Muslim because we should believe what is true, not simply convenient. We might be tempted to convert for love, or to fit in with friends, family or culture, or because of racial issues; but before God we must look for and believe the truth.
  6. Eternal Security. You should not become a Muslim if you want assurance of where you are going when you die. Jesus promises us eternal life (John 3:16 & 20:31), whereas Mohammed himself admits he did not know where he was going when he died (El Bukhari 5:266).