Mosques in America

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While Huda and Dr. Cynthia are on a trip they come across a mosque. This triggers a diatribe by Huda on Mosques in America. As Huda sees it, she had no choice about what religion she would follow until she came to America long into adulthood. She points out the impossible challenges Christians have in trying to build churches in the Middle East, compared with the ease with which Muslims can build mosques in America. She strongly feels this is unfair.

Huda states Muslims should build mosques in their own countries, not America. Dr. Cynthia points out (in the background) that the United States has freedom of religion. As Huda claims in other video clips as well as this one, she fears that Americans will loose their freedoms if Islam takes root by building Mosques in America. She has said, off camera, if Islam gains power in America, “Then women will be nothing again.”

Being candid reality, this video clip exposes Huda’s gut reaction to Mosques in America. It also reveals a glimpse of the Middle Eastern attitude, still held even now that she is a Christian, that not all religions should be allowed in a country. Do not fear however, we at are not saying that there should be no mosques in America. In a later instructional clip that was used in this same TV episode, Dr. Cynthia explains why we do indeed allow Mosques in America.