Outreach – Go!

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Jesus’ last command to his followers was to go into all the world and make disciples. In previous centuries that often meant leaving a “Christian” country and traveling a great distance to bring the gospel light to people who had no access to it.

 But now a remarkable thing – almost a miracle – has happened: people are coming in throngs from all over the world to America and the West. We now have access to them in our own country. We believe that God brought them here to bless them with safety, prosperity, liberty, and the gospel. (Bible, Acts 17) As a result, you can bring the gospel across the world without leaving America! Sometimes you might go with a team on a short trip to where many immigrants are; but often a mission field is simply in your own neighborhood or across town.

In this video, Dr. Cynthia speaks to us from where she is on outreach – a public walking street with people from around the globe. She encourages us to look for places like this nearby where we live. Find out what language and religious groups live or visit there. Take appropriate materials, perhaps with small gifts, and go to them! (Materials are available for free download in a variety of languages on our website. Another video will cover this in more detail.)

Dr. C has been doing outreach for over 40 years. She tells us that she knows it can be difficult getting started and sticking with it. So she will be doing a series of short videos with helpful hints and encouragement to make it easier. Today she reminds us that Christians don’t need a special call to share the gospel because Jesus commanded his followers to do that. You need a special call NOT share it. If you don’t feel called, as has been said, “Put your ear to the Bible and listen!”