Outreach – Take it Easy!

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Do you have reluctance or anxiety about reaching out to Muslims – or anyone? If so, Dr. Cynthia tells you in this video, “Take it Easy!”

Let’s face it, no one wants to reach out. The mere thought is intimidating! It’s much easier to keep going on our way, fulfilling the duties of the day. If we do have some free time, we take what enjoyment we can.

Getting started in outreach can be really hard. But to truly follow Jesus we do need to share his words and gospel with others – even though we don’t feel like it. Are you surprised that Dr. C never feels like going on outreach? When the time arrives, she’s tired or ill, or just doesn’t want to do it. She expects it now. That expectation helps overcome it.

Maybe you are the same. We’re not saying to spread a contagious disease. What we are saying is that our own natures, and our invisible enemy, will try many things to discourage us from reaching out.

How can we confront this reluctance? Here’s Dr. C’s way:

  • calm yourself with reassuring thoughts
  • remember, it is God’s work, not yours
  • make baby steps
  • tell yourself “take it easy” – that you won’t push too hard, or stay longer than you can handle
  • think, “I will simply show up. If God wants to bring me someone, or empower me distribute or speak, I will.”
  • just step out in faith and let God do the rest

And do you know what? If you do step out in faith like this, you will gain strength, increase your faith, and experience minor miracles.

For example:

  • feeling tired or ill immediately vanishes when you arrive
  • people connect and want to talk to you
  • you learn
  • at times you make long-lasting connections that lead to salvation and discipleship
  • you may hear back years later, as we have, of the impact that you made in one moment

As Psalm 126:6 says,

“Those who go out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with them.”