Former Muslim Huda’s Baptism

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Former Muslim Huda’s baptism is a reality segment of a rarely filmed event in the life of a former Muslim. Special concerns exist regarding baptism of Muslims. For Christian background believers, baptism is strongly encouraged, but it does not have the black and white connotation that it does for someone from a Muslim background. A Muslim family would not like a member to show interest in Christianity or the Bible. However, since Islamic looks on the external, it is the former Muslim’s baptism which proclaims what they consider is treason to Allah, Mohammed, and the House of Islam.

Huda’s actual baptism is performed by Dr. James Anderson, a pastor. The tradition of baptism at his church includes playing part of the believer’s favorite worship song (Huda’s is in Arabic – you might recognize it from its English version) and reading of their testimony.

In her written testimony, Huda shares a condensed version of her journey to faith in Christ – how she received a Bible as a child, but was not allowed to read it, how after years of travel as an adult she discovered the difference Jesus made in societies, and how she finally heard the gospel in America. She concludes with a plea: since it was in America that she finally heard the gospel, she encourages American Christians to share the gospel with foreigners who come to America. (Subtitles are provided to assist you with understanding what happens in this important reality segment.)