Muslim Outreach: PALM Project

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PALM Project is what we use to win Muslims to Christ. PALM stands for Pursuing And Loving Muslims. It also is a good symbol for loving Muslims because many live where palm trees grow – the Middle East, North Africa, and tropical regions like Indonesia. It is also an ancient symbol for Victory!

Dr Cynthia tells us in this video that some Christians think that they can be so good that Muslims will just come to them wanting to be Christians. Yes, Jesus said that we are to be lights. But he also said that he came to “seek and save the lost.” And his disciple John said that if we follow Jesus we walk as Jesus did.

Pursue means to go after. This doesn’t exactly mean that we chase them. But we do keep an attitude of awareness to them and try to connect.

PALM Project teaches that any time a Christian is with a Muslim – actually anyone – they should do one of these three things:

  1. Build Bridges
  2. Share Truth
  3. Challenge Falsehood

Our videos teach you specifically how to BUILD BRIDGES that connect with Muslims and lead them to the gospel. There are many bridges. We hope you find some that seem natural to you.

SHARE TRUTH: The most important Truth we need to share is the gospel. For that we use “The Path of the Prophets,” because it uses Bible characters and events that they know, so that it finally makes sense to them why God became a man to suffer for their sins. On the Resources page of our website, you can download these booklets/tracts in multiple languages, with more coming. We also have an English video with the words of the tract, on our website and YouTube, and a full video lesson with study guide Lesson on the topic.

Part of Sharing Truth is to sprinkle Bible truth into everyday experiences that you share with Muslims, and of course everyone else you know. Our videos teach how to do that.

CHALLENGING ISLAM: We are not primarily about Challenging Islam. Plenty of other channels do that. Although Christians are used to being challenged in everything they believe, that is not the case for Muslims. They are not used to it and so are very sensitive to it. We take that into account.

But we understand that unless Muslims know that Islam is not true, they will not have the strength to walk away from it: very much is at stake for them. So, our videos and study guides include essential Apologetics and Polemics (meaning defending our faith and challenging others). We do this in some short videos, but also in our full lessons as they apply. Challenging needs to be done in the right way for the setting one is in.

Christian friends, thank you for listening to our vision to bring Muslims to Christ. We hope that you join PALM Project, learn about Muslims, and start reaching Muslims for Christ.

And Muslim friends, you are most welcome to watch our videos, because they are especially aimed at your way of understanding. We even disciple a former Muslim in real time, so that you can see and hear Muslim questions and responses which resemble yours.