The Jonah Factor

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In both the Bible and the Quran there are books named after the Prophet Jonah (Yunas in Arabic). God told Jonah to do something undesirable and nearly unthinkable: go to his nation’s sworn enemies and preach repentance to them. Assyria was known for being aggressive and violent. As you may have heard, Prophet Jonah took a boat the opposite direction. But after a dramatic turn of events, Jonah did go to Nineveh, Assyria’s capital.

In this video, Dr. asks Christians if they have a similar reaction to reaching out to Muslims? God had compassion on the Assyrians because they did not “know their right hand from their left.” They did eventually attack and destroy the Northern Kingdom of Israel, but due to Jonah’s obedience, Nineveh did repent. God did not destroy Nineveh at that time, and Nineveh likewise delayed in attacking Israel.

What difference might it make if you reach out to those who have threatened your country or your people?