Apologetics – Repetition Tolerance

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Apologist Luke shares with us in this video that we need to have patience when it comes to defending and sharing the gospel. If we are true to our calling, we will be doing these over and over.

There are two types of repetition tolerance that we need:

  1. In making a presentation.

If we are blessed enough to have someone listen to us share the gospel or a defense or logical argument, we should remember that although we may have shared it many times before, it could be the first time that person has heard it. They deserve to hear our presentation in a way that shows how important the message is – not in a sloppy or bored way. We want to inspire them!

  1. In getting questioned.

If we are active in sharing with Muslims, skeptics, atheists and others, we will find ourselves getting the same questions over and over. We must not get frustrated with this. Remember, it may be a fresh question in their mind. They deserve a considered, patient answer.

One thing that can make responding to questions online easier is to save the answer that you usually give. You can paste it as an answer to the next person who asks the question. That way you can be sure that you are giving the best response.

Remember to pray about your apologetics, and speak through the power of the Holy Spirit.

May God bless and guide you!