Why are Christians Baptized?

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In this segment we observe the actual training that Huda had before her water baptism. There are several important points for anyone to understand before undergoing water baptism. The voice of Egyptian teacher Dr. Girgis explains gives a brief answer to the question Why are Christians Baptized? He explains that water baptism is a way in which believers are symbolically united with Jesus Christ in his death, burial, and resurrection.

Huda learns that when John the Baptist baptized Jesus, it was revealed to him that Jesus was the one who would take away the sins of the world. Dr. Cynthia explains to her that by being baptized, we: follow Christ’s example, obey his teaching, signify our unity with him in death, show our birth into new life, and finally, let the world know that we follow him! Huda shares with us that she has learned these things.