Tour Turkey in 6 minutes

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Because Islam originated in the Arab world, it is most often associated with Arabs. However, Arabs now represent a minority of Muslims worldwide. Indonesia has the largest number, followed by India. Turkey and Iran are other non-Arab countries which are largely Islamic. In this clip you can tour Turkey in 6 minutes from the Christian perspective. Dr. Cynthia narrates significant sights and events from the past few thousand years around Istanbul and Asia Minor.

The video clip includes a reality shot of the call to prayer in Turkey. Being loudly broadcast from mosques across Muslim countries five times a day – from before dawn until bedtime, you can see a sense in which the Qur’an does have a hypnotic and controlling effect among those it touches. Besides this, it impacts a Muslim country’s productivity by interrupting the work day for prayers, and by making it difficult to impossible to get a full night’s sleep.