A Former Muslim Advises How to Leave Islam

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Leaving Islam is one of the biggest decisions a person could ever make. It will change their lifestyle, culture, family and support system. It could even mean their death. Christina knows. She made that decision years ago, and it has cost her greatly.

In this brief video, Dr. Cynthia asked Christina what advice she would give anyone who is considering leaving Islam. The first and most important thing Christina suggests is to pray thoroughly. Pray for God to show you the truth, for him to direct you in the best way to go. Pray for wisdom and safety.

Although Christina cautions Muslims about making this move, she also cautions them against not making it. “Don’t stay Muslim to please your family or to please someone in your life,” she says. That way you will lose your own soul. But if you come to the Lord Jesus Christ, not only will you be saved but you can bring others to salvation as well.