How to Use Our Apologetics and Polemics Videos

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Whenever a Christian is with Muslims, we suggest the threefold approach of: Build Bridges, Share Truth, and Challenge Falsehood. Our YouTube and website videos focus on different aspects of goals.

There are different settings for the use of APOLOGETICS, meaning the defense of faith and POLEMICS, meaning pointing out the problems with other faiths. One setting is a debate. That is what professionals have the time and platform to do. Debates actually do good in opening people’s eyes. Sometimes in public settings, like Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park London, or interfaith discussions you might also be involved in apologetics and polemics. These settings do not require much of a bridge with the Muslim you are discussing with. The main bridges are a greeting and a smile.

A different setting is a Christian’s personal relationship with Muslims. Because of the Muslim mindset, soon the Christian will be challenged in certain areas of their faith, so it is essential for them to learn some basic apologetics to defend their faith to overcome stumbling blocks that keep the gospel from making sense to Muslims. (See also The Path of the Prophets gospel method video, lesson, and multilanguage booklets)

Later on in a relationship, after hearing the gospel and when the time is appropriate, a Muslim will need to be challenged about the incorrect aspects of their faith. You will need to use polemics. Unless Muslims are strongly convinced that Islam is NOT the way of God, they will not have the strength to leave its totalitarian lifestyle.

There are good YouTube and websites which deal with apologetics and polemics to Islam. In fact, there are more that criticize Islam than give overall training, such as our channel/website does. We will not repeat all of their material.

This video explains how to train in apologetics and polemics using our videos, but not necessarily limited to them. Regardless of where you find your material, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you watch our SWAP and PAT videos because they tell you HOW to USE what you have learned. We also have shorter videos which focus on individual apologetic and polemic topics with what we think are unusual approaches or insights.