Lesson on Street Wise Apologetics and Polemics – SWAP

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SWAP it!

In our ministry and training we emphasize keeping things practical advice that average Christians can understand and actually use. We don’t go for complex theological discussions. And we explain things in a way that Muslims can understand with their background and experiences.

SWAP Reason:  Professional debaters have platforms that allow them to make a full, logical presentation. Realistically, you don’t. You have to use only 1 or 2 sentences to make a point. 

Every word you say must count like 50! That is why we developed SWAP: Street Wise Apologetic and Polemics.

SWAP Definition:  Street Wise Apologetic and Polemics

for Christians with poor listeners

  • Apologetics means defending the faith
  • Polemics means pointing out problems with other faiths

SWAP Goal:  to get beyond the stumbling blocks and strongholds that keep Muslims within Islam

SWAP Methods:

A. Our Example: Jesus

Fitting the Person, Setting or Need 

  • Woman at the well or Pharisee?
  • Alone or in public?

Logos, pathos, ethos are the components of a message. They must be tailored to your audience

B. Our Guidance: Peter, Paul and Father Z

Speak the Truth in Love and patience  Ephesians 4:15, I Timothy 2:24-26

  • Always be ready  I Peter 3:15
  • Use gentleness and respect  I Peter 3:15 

C. Technique Train  to the Gospel – tools to avoid head-on collisions and getting derailed

  1. Sit Tight, Earn the Right
  2. Hang Loose you’re the Caboose
  3. Less is More – Short, Sharp, Shock or Shake
  4. Practical, not Theological Turn Around
  5. Turnaround
  6. Predict and Defuse
  7. Soft and Sideways
  8. Illustrations and Stories

D. Which “Hill to Die on” 

Keep the train on track because The Main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.

Note: This is only an introduction to SWAP and its techniques. For more information and examples, attend a full seminar or workshop on SWAP: Streetwise Apologetics and Polemics. 

Otherwise, our online apologetics, polemics, and lessons with study guides give many examples of how to use SWAP on this website or ChristianfromMuslim YouTube.

And you can watch a livestream discussion of SWAP with Al Fadi at: (3) Street Apologetics: Short Answers to Hard Questions – Dr. Cynthia – YouTube