Jesus’ Teaching Style

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The setting of this clip is a lovely gazebo surrounded by a lake in an urban area.  Dr. C and Huda draw analogies from the natural and urban world around them there, in a manner similar to what Jesus did in his teaching style.

It is important to understand the style of teaching Jesus used in order to:

  • Fully absorb the point he was making
  • Keep from being confused or finding it a stumbling block
  • Explain to others who find it confusing or a stumbling block
  • Not misinterpret or misapply what he says
  • Be able to use similar techniques when we share God’s word with others

To do this his style used various techniques, including to drive home the points he wanted to make:

  • Drawing illustrations from the environment surrounding him
  • Using common everyday objects and activities
  • Telling stories (parables, which we study in detail in the episode, “Jesus’ Parables”
  • Using similes and metaphors
  • Speaking plainly
  • Occasionally speaking poetically (beatitudes)
  • Exaggerating (hyperbole)
  • Setting an example with his life


We see Jesus speaking plainly about things prayer, money, and forgiveness (Matthew 6:5,6,19,20 & 18:21,22). He also clearly prophesied his own death (Matthew 16:21), the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem, and the end times (Matthew 24).  Jesus’ life is perhaps his teaching example (John 13:12, Mark 10:43-45.