Three Objectives for Muslim Ministry

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We believe that any interaction with a Muslim, and indeed anyone should fall into one of three categories:

  1. Build Bridges
  2. Share Truth
  3. Challenge Falsehood

BUILD BRIDGES: In this video Dr. Cynthia shares with us two types of bridges – to a person and to the gospel.

SHARE TRUTH: Sharing Truth should ultimately mean sharing the gospel of salvation and eternal life through Jesus Christ’s sacrifice in our place on the cross. But it can also be simply sharing a small bit of salt, a bit of truth from the Bible, as we share life with others.

CHALLENGE FALSEHOOD: Finally, although most of us are not comfortable with it, there comes a time when we should challenge the falsehoods that people believe. To truly believe the gospel and become a Christian, people need to be convinced that it is true, and that beliefs they previously held are false. This is especially true if someone is leaving a religion like Islam, which means that one’s whole life and support system will change.

Usually, we prefer to build, share, and challenge in that order; but in some settings, for example a debate, the order may be scrambled. We call this method PALM Project: Pursuing And Loving Muslims, for Jesus.

In our other videos you will find more information and many examples to help you reach out and Build Bridges, Share Truth, and Challenge Falsehood.