Share the Gospel with Kevin and Dee

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Bible teacher Kevin, in this video shares with us that being a Christian involves walking as Jesus walked, doing the things Jesus did (I John 2:6). We call this sharing the gospel in word and deed. We share the gospel by showing love to believers and unbelievers, both friends and enemies.

The other thing we need to do is share the gospel story in word – God’s way of salvation through forgiveness of our sins by Jesus’ blood. We can share the gospel by several means, including:

  • wide scale distribution of tracts, DVDs, and Bibles
  • purposely making friends with whom we will share the gospel (which we call small scale outreach)
  • using the internet and television (which can be personal or ultra-large scale outreach)
  • talking to people in public places
  • and of course, not overlooking our family, friends, and work or school connections.

In our ministry we do all of these. As illustrations, we have included photographs of some ministry volunteers active in outreach, including campus and various ethnic events, and Dr. C sharing the gospel with Muslims in Hyde Park in London.

All Christians are called to spread the gospel with love and words. We encourage you to find a way that you are comfortable with and pursue it!