Barbie’s Personal Testimony & Encouragement

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Barbie is a mature Christian sister with the spiritual gifts of encouragement and evangelism. Because of her inspirational style, she has been a favorite teacher of Dr. Cynthia and many others. Every year for decades Barbie has divided her time between America and various places in the Middle East. Her remarkable story includes backpacking and hitch-hiking from Israel to India, including through Iran and Afghanistan back in the 1960s, when it was still relatively safe for two young women to travel alone in Muslim countries.

Besides adventures around the world, Barbie has also suffered incredible hardships and losses. In this clip she shares with Huda, and with us all, a little about her life and her becoming Christian from an agnostic background. Through Jesus, Barbie has come to have peace. She shares with us the importance of reading the Bible and getting to know Jesus better.