The Appeal of Foreign Faiths with Dr. Cynthia

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The Appeal of Foreign Faiths

There is always an appeal to something different. In medical school Dr. C learned that “the drive for variety” is one of the basic psychological principles of human beings. But Westerners are converting to Islam, atheism, and Eastern Religions without deeply understanding either these or Christianity.

In this video we present some points of these other faiths that Westerners either overlook or don’t understand. These faiths give you their little bit of GOOD NEWS up front, like a hook. But when you look deeply what you find is much BAD NEWS! For example:

ISLAM: Praying in unison, the feeling of community, and women not needing to work or diet attract people to Islam.

  • But if you convert to Islam, you must be killed if you leave it. Even in the USA, Dr. C was told by a Muslim leader, “We always give people time to consider before they convert to Islam, because if they do become Muslims, they must be killed if they leave it.”
  • The rules of Islam are so extensive that they even dictate which foot you must enter the bathroom with, and what you must say before having sex. If one hair protrudes from a woman’s hijab, according to an American school of Sunni Islam, she will need to spend 40,000 years in hell.
  • If a woman’s husband falls out of love with her, he has rights to treat her terribly – beating her, trading he in and out of divorce with other women, taking the children, etc. (see our other videos).
  • If your hands are held in an unacceptable position for prayer, “Allah will hold it against you at the day of judgement.”
  • No one in Islam knows if they have enough points from obeying these rules to please God and enter paradise, even the Prophet Mohammed.

EASTERN RELIGIONS: The feeling of meditation is peaceful, and the idea that all living things are connected is attractive. They are the GOOD NEWS. But after that comes so much BAD NEWS:

  • A deeply religious Buddhist friend of Dr. C became so frustrated with reincarnation, the samsara, and needing to push the rock of karma up the hill in life after life, that she told Dr. C she wished it wasn’t true.
  • And a Bodhisattva, a very good Buddhist, chooses to stay out of nirvana/heaven, until the bad karma of every creature is paid for by their good deeds and rituals.
  • The Japanese Tea Ceremony and floral arrangements are elegant and look so peaceful. However, the experts who do these have told Dr. C that these have complicated rules. If mistakes are made – perhaps an awkward movement or unesthetic arrangement, the Buddhist actually loses points for reincarnation!
  • And the peaceful feeling, even if it lasts, does not actually create peace between you and God, because your sins are still there.

ATHEISM: can be appealing. Hypocrites and the squabbles between religions can make us feel like throwing up our hands and giving up on all religion. Plus, atheism allows freedom not only from ceremonies, but from moral behaviors many find too restrictive.

  • But in truth, since in atheism nothing is wrong, rape, murder and sociopathic behaviors are acceptable.
  • Western atheists like to deny this, but there is no basis on which to do so.

Dr. C reminds us that Christians have PEACE and PURPOSE. The peace we have is real, not just a feeling due to the release of neurotransmitters, which bring a feeling of peace in any belief system. We have peace with God, within ourselves, and with others. The PURPOSE is because God gives a purpose for every human life. You can use it to make a difference!

So, LOOK DEEPLY BEFORE YOU CONVERT! Help your family and friends do that as well.

In Christianity we give you the BAD NEWS up front: You are a sinner. That means you are not perfect. But really, do you think that you are? That would be unrealistic. Down deep we know that we are not perfect.

After Christianity’s bad news, it is GOOD NEWS! God made us and loves us and made a way for our errors/sins to be forgiven. After just one life we can join God and other believers in a truly wonderful heaven.