The Place of Miracles with Georges Houssney

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Rev. Georges Houssney here gives his opinion on Dr. Cynthia’s situation with three Muslim friends demanding a dream or miracle to convert (See also the video clip with Nabeel Qureshi called “Do I Need a Miracle to Convert?”).

Rev. Houssney, who preaches to Muslims all over the world, tells us that he has seen tremendous miracles and dreams with people leaving Islam. There can also be false miracles and dreams. Dreams and visions do not save people. He has found a danger, he explains, when people start to seek miracles and experiences, rather than the truth of God.

Life as a new believer is not easy. Miracles can some times make us think everything will go our way if we are following God, but that is not the case. Although God may confirm his truth and power to us through a miracle, we must keep our faith in God himself and his Word – the truth, not supernatural manifestations.