Shopping Day

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This video clip is reality from the life of Huda and Dr. Cynthia. It might seem that it is a frivolous clip, just for fun or showing off. However, this is not the case. It brings to our attention the challenge that finding an appropriate wardrobe is for new believers, from any background, especially Muslim.

Imagine – when you are brought up that it is a sin to expose almost any of your body, sometimes even your eyes or hands, how can you “get a feel” for what is an acceptable amount of skin and/or figure to show now that you are a Christian? At first you might feel odd or “guilty” about showing anything – hair or skin, since you are breaking an ingrained pattern. But does that mean if you are going to feel guilty anyway, that you might as well show everything that anyone in Western culture shows? (See also videos on “Christian Liberty” and “Are there Rules in Christianity?” which address wardrobe and other issues of lifestyle importance to new believers from a Muslim background.”)