Occult Practices in The Middle East with Georges Houssney

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Guest Rev. Georges Houssney and Dr. Cynthia discuss especially common occultic practices with Muslims and former Muslim Christians. Since the Bible renounces such practices, they comment on ways to recognize and combat them.

Although pure Islam is against occultic practices, superstitions, amulets, spells, reading of coffee grounds, and astrology are a common in most Islamic cultures. Sometimes this is called, “Folk Islam,” but it is more than just the common folk that follow these. Thus, sooner or later a Christian working with Muslims or a Muslim background believer will need to confront these practices.

Even verses of the Qur’an can be used as a talisman by Muslims. For example, they can be worn in a necklace or inscribed on a surface for protection. Most schools of Islamic thought reject using the Qur’an as an amulet. However, since the words of the Koran in Arabic are felt to have power and gain credit for the speaker at the Day of Judgment, we can see how Muslims could fall into this trap.