Path of the Prophets Play Highlights – French / Arabic

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Le Chemin Des Prophetes/ طريق الأنبياء/ The Path of the Prophets Spectacle/Drama in Bilingual Francais/French et Arabe/Arabic/اَلْعَرَبِيَّةُ

This video gives highlights from our French/Arabic performance of The Path of the Prophets/ Le Chemin des Prophetes. This amazing bilingual drama has been performed in six states and France, in combinations of these languages: English, Arabic, French, and Dari.

Live performance of this drama has a great impact on Muslims. We have seen it. Usually in conversations it is difficult to get the full concept across; but in a performance they have the opportunity to see the idea of sacrifice developed from Adam through Jesus. They hear the same thing in two languages, which reinforces the message. Plus, we use actors who can bring the message across in a convincing way.

Currently we have outstanding invitations to perform in Muslim countries and Europe, but we have delayed because of Covid. We hope to do more performances the future. Let us know if you would like your group, refugee zone, country or language to be on our list!

We love to share the gospel with Muslims using the “Path of the Prophets.” This is because it uses Bible characters that they already know to explain God’s plan of salvation through blood sacrifice and substitution. All the patriarchs and prophets in the Bible did blood sacrifice for sin. Jesus Christ was the prophesied last sacrifice for sin – which was to be God himself.

After learning this, Muslims no longer find it crazy that Christians think that Jesus was God, dying on the cross for our sins. They usually don’t immediately believe, but they say things like, “You are the only Christian that makes sense.”

Booklets on this topic in several languages are available free on the “Resources” page of our website. There you will also find instructions on how to make a bracelet to tell the story of the Path of the Prophets.

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