Lessons Index

The table that follows contains a comprehensive list of lessons available from Christian from Muslim. Click on the title to go to the lesson or click on “Study Guide” to download the PDF printable version of the lesson.

ID Title PDF
910 Suggestions for Study Group Leaders Study Guide
938 Lesson on Introduction to Islam for Christians Study Guide
1190 Lesson on Building Bridges with Muslims Study Guide
659 Lesson on the Gospel for Muslims: The Path of the Prophets Study Guide
734 Lesson on What Makes a True Prophet? Study Guide
679 Lesson on Being New in God’s Family Study Guide
835 Lesson on the Bible and the Qur’an Study Guide
755 Lesson on Why Believe the Bible? Study Guide
897 Lesson on the Inspiration and Translation of the Bible Study Guide
639 Lesson on Easter: The Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Study Guide
597 Lesson on Christmas: God Becomes Man and is Three in One Study Guide
968 Lesson on Jesus’ Style of Teaching and Living Study Guide
1018 Lesson on Islam and Women, with Wafa Sultan Study Guide
1158 Lesson on Islam and Violence Study Guide
983 Lesson on Liberty or Laws? Study Guide
59 Lesson on Fear, Persecution, and Spiritual Warfare Study Guide
998 Lesson on Islam and the Occult Study Guide
1270 Lesson on The Fruit of the Spirit Study Guide
1274 Lesson on Jesus’ Parables Study Guide
590 Lesson on Does God Exist? Study Guide
1286 Lesson on Looking for Truth in World Religions Study Guide
1305 Lesson on Muslims and Miracles Study Guide
1310 Lesson on the Introducing the Bible to Muslims Study Guide
1399 Lesson on The Christian Life Study Guide
1429 Lesson on Salvation in Christianity and Islam Study Guide
1450 Lesson on New Life for Muslims Study Guide
1453 Lesson on Comparing God’s Character in Christianity and Islam Study Guide
1455 Lesson on Should Christians Marry Muslims? Study Guide
1459 Lesson on Godly Relationships Study Guide
1465 Lesson on Suffering and Thanksgiving Study Guide
1501 Lesson on Confusing Muslim Marriages Study Guide
1864 Lesson on Street Wise Apologetics and Polemics – SWAP Study Guide