The Healing Waters of Hot Springs, South Dakota

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This reality and travel clip introduces the topic of healing and miracles, with a visit to a famous healing spot from history: the hot springs of Hot Springs, South Dakota. Hot Springs, South Dakota is noted for exactly what the name claims: natural hot springs. In fact, the hot mineral water not only bubbles out of the earth, it creates a beautiful mossy hot waterfall and an actual stream of hot water. The stream passes through a gully between the sandstone buildings of the small town of Hot Springs, and the red sandstone cliff opposite. The video clip shows you all of these natural and developed features.

In the past Native Americans, and subsequently American settlers, believed in the healing powers of the hot mineral springs of this region. There were not always valid medical treatments for many diseases, and the soothing effect of the hot springs often seemed to bring relief. Before the region was settled by outsiders, there was a major battle between the Sioux and Cheyenne on nearby Battle Mountain for control of the hot springs. Eventually, the Native Americans agreed to share the spot.

As the popularity of mineral springs for medical treatment has declined in the face of more specific and effective medications, so has the popularity of Hot Springs, South Dakota. However, its waters are now free to all who visit this somewhat remote spot, regardless of ethnic background.

Human beings of all races have suffered illness since the beginning of time, and have sought a variety of means for healing. Whether from natural hot springs, prescribed medication, or miraculous intervention, all healing comes from God.