Lessons from Surfing

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Imitating the way Jesus would use the surrounding environment and activities to teach important lessons, Dr. C here gives us lessons from surfing. We get to follow her and Huda in reality to a famous surfing spot in California to watch surfers catch waves, and sometimes loose them.

Notice how first Dr. C talks about how good it feels when we catch a wave in life – either literally or figuratively. We feel like we are sitting on top of the world! But as we watch surfers either loose the wave, or even crash, we are reminded that life is a ride of ups and downs. God is our foundation whether we are doing well, feeling left out as life passes us by, or when the waters sweep over us.

Our attention is also drawn to the tremendous physical effort it takes not only to catch and surf the waves, but also to simply carry a surfboard up and down the rocky cliffs to reach the surfing ground. This reminds Dr. C of I Timothy 4:8. In this verse Paul tells Timothy that although physical exercise is of value, it is of much greater value to put effort into praying, reading the Bible, serving others, and be close to God.