Is Detachment Good? with Luke Price

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In this clip Dr. C and Luke Price discuss the question, Is detachment good? and if so, to what extent. Eastern religions are now being strongly considered as alternatives faiths for people from both Muslim and general Western backgrounds. Modern life is hectic. Every day we hear of tragic violence. Thus, the peaceful concepts of Buddhism and Hinduism have a widespread appeal. These positive aspects of the religions are emphasized and promoted, while not much is generally discussed about their negative aspects. This is opposed to Christianity, which sets its negative up front, openly admitting people are sinners. So, Christianity is presented by the world as being negative. Once we get beyond that however, the good news of Christianity includes not only peace – with God, ourselves, and others – but also eternal life.

In this clip Dr. Cynthia discusses with apologist Luke Price the Eastern concept of detachment. Both Christianity and Eastern religions warn us of the dangers of attachment to worldly things. Eastern religions however, go farther. They tell their followers that the higher path requires them to detach from people – even their nearest and dearest. Dr. C tells about one of her friends, an internationally famous Muslim apostate who was considering Buddhism, but could not accept detachment from people. Many ills in their societies result from this teaching. Price shares his view that attachment shows our humanity and makes life richer.