Christian Service with Mike Licona

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Dr. Mike Licona in this video shares with us examples of types of Christian service. Every Christian has been given spiritual gifts, and should use them for some type of Christian service to strengthen the church, or bring others into it.

Serving meals is a longstanding tradition in the church, going all the way back to its beginning. Licona’s discussion about hospitality and serving meals includes reality footage of Dr. Cynthia and other volunteers preparing a ministry event.

Licona mentions that some people have learned much about the Bible, and are gifted in teaching it. (Several guests we have on our series, like Mark Vyka and Kevin, although not famous as others of our guests, are gifted Bible teachers and serve their local churches.)

Like everyone, Christians have problems. Wise and experienced Christians can give counsel to those in trouble. Some people are compassionate and show mercy to those who have gotten themselves into trouble by not following God’s ways. Like Barnabas with Paul and later John Mark, this gift of Christian service encourages others, and helps coach them to find where God really wants them.

Finally, Mike mentions the gift of giving. Although some are financially blessed, all Christians should give money to church and charity.

As is common knowledge, families and individuals have become busier over the last two generations. Previously most households had one primary income, and there were fewer entertainments to distract us. Now many, if not most American households have two or more incomes. The result of increasing employment is that donated time has greatly fallen. Charitable organizations have suffered and some have closed. With donated time decreasing and productive work increasing, the gift of giving money should be of increasing employed by sincere Christians. For example, although very active in evangelism and teaching now, there were years in Dr. Cynthia’s life when between her medical work and family duties, she had very little time for Christian service work. During these times she counted as her Christian service giving money and intercessory prayer, which were things she could do in limited time.

If you haven’t already found your spiritual gift or gifts, why not pray now and ask the Lord to show you?