Gospel Video Tract for Muslims: Path of the Prophets

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ChristianfromMuslim.com is a comprehensive free video resource for Muslims desiring to learn about the Christian faith, and for Christians who want to help them do it.

Our team of international experts has contributed to hundreds of videos, ranging from short ones on a single question, to full half hour episodes. The videos include: lessons, testimonies, answers to common questions, reality clips from the life of a new believer from a Muslim background, and bonus features like devotional thoughts or travel in Muslim countries.

Muslims come to Christianity with a unique perspective, bringing different questions and needs than those of nominal Christians or skeptics. Our website (ChristianfromMuslim.com) is here with easy-to-watch videos that address both the head and heart needs former Muslims. And we cover important issues, like: the differences between Christianity and Islam, whether Christians should marry Muslims, how a Muslim can become and grow as a Christian, defending the Christian faith, and challenging Islam. In discussing these tough issues we speak the truth in love, as the Bible instructs us to do.

We realize that with hundreds of videos on our website, getting started and finding the best videos for you, could be confusing. Our drop-down “suggested viewing” menu was created with this in mind. Its lists video suggestions for you in the most commonly requested categories.

ChristianfromMuslim.com is the perfect, no-cost resource for Sunday School and focus groups that want to learn proven ways to evangelize and disciple Muslims. Simply play one of our 28 plus half hour episodes or recorded seminars, and follow it with discussion based on our printable study guides.

Whatever your interest in the Christian-Muslim interface, we believe you will find what you need at ChristianfromMuslim.com. Sign up today for news and new videos alerts!

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