Discussing the Great Commission

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In this clip we get a behind the scenes view of a gathering of our ministry supporters. Huda is cooking at her home for them, and will shortly arrive with delicious Middle Eastern food.

Today Dr. Cynthia is discussing the Great Commission. That is what the command Jesus gave to his followers in Matthew 28:18-20 is called. She reminds the Christians gathered there, that although Huda had heard something of Jesus, and believed that the West was better than the Middle East somehow because of him, it was not until Huda came to America that she heard the gospel for the first time. Huda has since implored Christians in America to share the gospel with those who come here, so that they can believe as she did.

Dr. C then asks the group to share about some time they have shared the gospel with immigrants to America. Robin shares how she was in a relationship with some young Pakistani Muslim women and, although she does not know what will yet come of it, she has shared the gospel with them and hopes it will bear fruit in their lives. Just before the group leaves to eat, Dr. C tells them that Balbir and Katrina Subkaram will be sharing about their work bringing the gospel to Indian immigrants in America, especially Sikhs.