Retire, Reboot, Repurpose

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How should we plan and look forward to retirement? Dr. Cynthia here shares ideas of how we could plan financially, and for lifestyle as well.

RETIRE: Retirement dreams often revolve around spending more time doing what we like – in hobbies or with family. We might even move to pursue these. Some people want to travel, travel, travel. Or maybe failing health has forced them to retire to continue treatment and rest. And frankly, some people are exhausted from overwork and just want to rest.

What will it be like after retirement? Not everyone can visualize this. Dr. C knows doctors who got bored in retirement and went back to work. Other people take up part time jobs to keep them active.

Wouldn’t we like our retirement years to be as full and golden as possible?

Dr. C suggests that Christians could plan their retirement with consideration of serving the Lord. Retiring early while we still have strength is one way. But the cost of living is high and going up, so this is usually not easy. But it might be good to look at one’s lifestyle and expenses to see if we could somehow work it out.

LEAVING A LEGACY: A legacy is what we leave behind. When organizations talk about this they usually mean leaving them money. But today we are talking about a spiritual legacy: about using the health and strength we have left, and a perhaps a little money, into our own service for Jesus’ kingdom.

The Bible tells us that much is expected of those who have been given much. We in the West are so blessed with daily food and clothing, shelter, Bibles and Christian training. We should be good stewards of these in both our free time and in retirement.

REBOOT: You could use skills that you already have, like accounting, but in a different way. Any medical related field can always be used. Perhaps going overseas short term you could help with projects which need your skills and can’t be met locally. Or you might find it refreshing to learn to do something different. You could learn about the culture of refugees or immigrants in your area and ways to reach them. Possibly even taking our free online training.

REPURPOSE: We call all retired Christians to reach outside of their envelope. Consider making yourself available for activities when you are free but others aren’t. For example, working people are usually tied up on weekdays. Retirees have more schedule flexibility. They could go to the mosque on Fridays, or meet students on campus Tuesdays, a common info table day, or lunch in an ethnic area.

BALANCE: We often talk about the worldview of Peace and Purpose: Peace with God, in ourselves, and with others; and the Purpose that God has for each of us. We need to keep these in balance. Do health and other obligations dominate your retirement? Does life just seem to happen? Some things we must do. Yet we could view retirement as part time ministry.

We encourage all retirees to look at their schedules. Include the things that you must do, like appointments and self-care; but also budget time for relaxation to Reboot – and find ways to Repurpose and serve the Lord.