A Quick Trip to Egypt with Dr. Cynthia

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“Come join us!” says Dr. Cynthia of this quick trip to Egypt. Take a whirlwind tour of the ancient and Islamic sites of Egypt, as you travel from Cairo beyond Aswan to Abu Simbel in only 3 minutes! Besides the remarkable tourist sites of colossal columns and statues, you will peek into Al Azhar University, the ultimate authority of Sunni Islam. Then Dr. C shows you the view out of finely latticed windows of the women quarters of old Islamic Cairo.

What you will not see are the persecuted Christians Dr. C visited with in Upper Egypt. One was literally trembling at the memory of his cousin’s murder. Although Egypt has one of the oldest Christian traditions, extending from the early mission work of St. Mark, (who wrote the gospel so named), and still has about 10% Christians, they have suffered increasing persecution over the last decade. But through the television ministry of Father Zakaria and others, thousands, some say over a million, Muslims have left Islam and are walking into the kingdom of God. After taking this video travel to Egypt with us, take a moment to remember the needs and suffering of its believers.