Why Do Good People Suffer? with Former Muslim Antonio

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“Life as a Christian is not easy,” says former Muslim Antonio.

Soon after he decided to follow Jesus trials and adversity started. He suffered loneliness, hardships and trials. In his second year of Bible school, he woke up blind. “God, where are you?” he thought. His sight recovered, but he ended up weak, with Multiple Sclerosis, and had to walk with a cane. For him, an active person who loved to play basketball, this was a very difficult transition.

“We are guaranteed hardships, but they are not meant to break us,” he says. God will be there with us for help and comfort. He will not give us more than we can handle if we walk with him.

Antonio assures us that hardships are meant for our benefit and spiritual growth. They are what make us learn to rely on God is ways that we would otherwise never think of.

“In the hardships is a major spiritual blessing,” he concludes.

Follow-up: Antonio became crippled on earth, but in 2021 walked into heaven. His testimony is an encouragement to all, especially those who suffer chronic diseases.