What’s in the New Testament? – Part Two

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What is in the New Testament? The Qur’an tells us that Jesus brought a book. Actually the Injeel, as Muslims call the New Testament, was written by Jesus’ followers in the decades after his death and resurrection.

Some Muslims and other unbelievers say that it is bad that Jesus did not write the New Testament himself. They are wrong. Actually, it is good! The Old Testament prophecies about Jesus the Messiah as God and his sacrifice for our sins was so strongly stated, that the church began with Jesus’ followers teaching from the Old Testament. There was no need to wait for his disciples to write new material. People in Jerusalem and Israel already knew that Jesus did amazing miracles and then died on the cross. The task of the early disciples was to point out that this was all in fulfillment of Old Testament promises, and that he rose from the dead to prove it!