Why I Rejected Islam

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Raised in a Muslim country with Muslim friends and culture, Georges had many opportunities to convert to Islam. His family was Christian in name only, so his thinking was influenced by the Muslim culture. He had Muslim views and didn’t know the difference between it and Christianity.

Out of this confusion, he began wondering what religions taught, and if any religion were actually true. This started him on a quest. He studied and compared Islam and Christianity with Buddhism and Hinduism. And he took courses in comparative religions.

Georges recommends that everyone do this: don’t simply accept what you grew up with – take an honest look at the teachings and proofs for whatever you believe is true. He points out the verse in the Quran, 2:170 which he reads for us in English and Arabic. It tells people not to keep a faith just because their forefathers did.

After study, Georges became convinced that the Bible is the Word of God. Because it:

  • is historic in its scope. It has over 40 human authors with a consistent message. This is in contrast to the Quran which has only one.
  • has over 1,000 prophecies, most of which have been fulfilled, and some of which are still future.
  • has a spiritual aspect. Its message drew him to it:
    • God made people in his image and loves them.
    • explained why Georges was attracted to do many bad things.
    • God did not leave us in evil. Even in the beginning he promised Adam and Eve that a savior would come.
    • shows that God accepts a substitute sacrifice as he did with Abraham and Isaac. (Georges says most people don’t understand the prophetic meaning of this, the holiest of Muslim holy days.)
    • tells us that as prophesied, God came once to earth in human form to take our punishment, as Jesus did on the cross. If we believe in him, we can have everlasting life. (John 3:16)

This message of “the gospel” attracted Georges more than any aspect of any other religion. He accepted it and began following Jesus over 60 years ago. He has never regretted it.

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