The Sermon on the Mount

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Jesus’ most famous sermon is called, The Sermon on the Mount.  In this sermon (Matthew 5-7), he uses several teaching techniques to illustrate how to live for God’s kingdom. Rather than focusing on rules and condemnation, the way the religious leaders of his time, as well as the teachings of Islam do, this sermon presents love and challenges inner change.

The Sermon on the Mount itself is a powerful evangelistic tool for Islam. Distributing it, or encouraging Muslims to read it in the Bible, or even quoting a small part of it in the right setting, often opens their eyes to the dramatic difference between Jesus’ teachings and that of Islam, and gives them hunger to know more.

“The Beatitudes,” somewhat poetically phrased blessings, kick off The Sermon on the Mount. One beatitude is “Blessed are the peacemakers.” As an illustration of this, Kevin, a mature Christian, is caught in a reality scene being a peacemaker between arguing neighbors.

Elsewhere in The Sermon on the Mount, Jesus used nature, objects, stories, and exaggeration to get people’s attention and help them remember that the Kingdom of God is more important than the physical world.