Did Jesus die on the cross? Part 2 with Mike Licona

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Did Jesus die on the Cross? Part 2 is a video clip where expert on the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, Dr. Mike Licona, continues his discussion on the evidence that Jesus died on the cross. One of the top four disagreements that Muslims have with Christians is whether or not Jesus died on the cross. The Bible says that Jesus died on the cross. The Qur’an tells us Jesus is a great prophet, but says he did not die on the cross. Can we determine which is historically true?

Historically, we can show that Jesus actually did predict he would be taken by authorities, be killed, and rise again. In Mark 8:31-33 Peter rebukes Jesus for saying this, then Jesus rebukes him back saying, “Get behind me Satan!” For historians, even for those who are not believers, this would be accepted as something that really happened by the “Criterion of Embarrassment.” Invented claims flatter the cause. Jesus’ and Peter’s conflict is not something that would be made up because this event is not flattering to the cause. Dr. Licona gives two other reasons as well.

So, if Jesus did not die and resurrect as he predicted, he is not a great prophet, which the Qur’an calls him. If he did, then the Qur’an is wrong.