Three Keys to the Truth with Georges Houssney

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Many in the Muslim world, and elsewhere, are disenchanted. They feel that the teachings they grew up with lead to practices they see every day and dislike: terrorism, Muslim on Muslim violence, mistreatment of women and minorities. Many want to find the truth.

In this clip, Rev. Georges Houssney, world-wide teacher and evangelist from the Middle East, gives us three keys for finding the truth:

#1 Be Sincere, #2 Pray, #3 Compare Teachings and Leaders.

Be Sincere: Do we truly want to find the truth? It takes courage to openly examine what we have been taught or grew up believing, but if we are sincerely open and sincerely seek truth we are putting ourselves in the position to find it.

Pray: This can be difficult if you do not believe in God. Many agnostics however have prayed, “If there is a God, reveal yourself to me!” And it has happened. If you do believe in God, pray that he show you which holy book and teachings reveal him and his way.

Then compare the teachings of the major religions. You will see that although most have similarities, they vary in significant ways. They can’t all be true. When you compare the leaders of world religions, you will clearly see that there is no one who compares to the Lord Jesus Christ.