Motivation for Outreach

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In MOTIVATION for OUTREACH Dr. C interviews three men actively reaching out in a summer street festival. When asked what inspires them and gives them courage to reach out, we get answers which inspire us as well.

Dan Boudin and Brenten Powers now routinely reach out in public with Open Air Campaigners. Dan shares with us that surprisingly, he used to be so shy he couldn’t even watch a show were someone was in an embarrassing situation. But God convicted him that he should share his faith, so he got training. He now shares in God’s power, not his own strength. He points to the dramatic change in his life and says, “If I can do it, anyone can!”

When asked the same question, Brenton points out how Jesus saw the crowds with compassion, because they were weary and scattered, without a shepherd. Right after that Jesus told his followers to pray for workers for the harvest. He prayed – and then became one of those workers! He was inspired by the example of other Christians who were sharing in public. Then he found that it is much easier than you would expect. He shares the truth in love, and people respond to that love positively most of the time.

Henry Herrera does outreach in both Spanish and English. He is inspired because, as it says in 2 Corinthians, “the love of Christ compels us.” If you love Christ his love will be in you, then you will want to share it with others. God is love. But many people now think that he is hateful. God loves everyone and has a special plan for each of us. Henry quotes Psalm 34, which says, “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” We want to help people learn this.

As Christians, we might not want to reach out of our comfort zone; but when we do, we will find that not only do we spread the kingdom of God, but our lives also become so much richer.