Six Month Discipleship Update

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This real life update on Huda’s discipleship progress was filmed six months after she became a believer. Dr. Cynthia is glad to report that, counter to many Muslims who revert to Islam, Huda has shown no tendency to return. Huda wants to learn more and more, and Dr. C finds this exciting. Besides daily discipleship contact with Dr. C, she is reading and watching much on the internet, and Christian videos, like the Bible on film. Huda exposes the falsehood of Islam, and shares the truth of the gospel with other Middle Easterners.

For goals for Huda going forward from this point, Dr. C would like to see her become more familiar with the Bible itself, and find a church body that she is comfortable in and regularly attends. Due to language and cultural differences, it has not been easy for Huda to find a church. (There is no Arabic-speaking church near where she lives, and it is also not convenient for her to travel to Dr. C’s church every week.)