Path of the Prophets Bracelet Instructions

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Path of the Prophets Bracelet

Developed by Dr. C of American Ethnic Ministries



   “It’s beautiful!  It’s beautiful!  I believe it is the way to God,” said a Muslim woman wanting to receive Christ after an evangelist shared the “Path of the Prophets” bracelet with her.  Because of her enthusiasm she was given a bracelet of her own which she promised to use to share the story with her Muslim friends.

   This bracelet is being used on four continents to express the beauty of the gospel in a clear way.  Although originally made for use with Muslim women, it has been used successfully with many ethnic groups and faiths, and with both sexes, adults and children.

   The charms and/or colorful beads in this special bracelet each represent an important fact in the true story of the Bible we call, “The Path of the Prophets”.   (Not every bracelet may have all of these beads or colors, but the story is the same, and in this order.)  In settings where charms are not appropriate or available, the colors alone will serve to tell the story.

   If you are using the bracelet to share this life-giving story, be sure to do so with expression, conviction, and passion, so those listening will see that you believe it is true, and that it is important to you!  Especially emphasize God’s justice in needing to send Jesus for us – since Muslims believe we can all pay for our own sins and do not need a Savior, and his love for us in being willing to make a world that would go wrong and cost him so high a price to redeem!

(Note 1: We suggest you make your own bracelet according to your desire and wrist size. A limited number of custom made bracelets are occasionally available.  Note 2: Christians differ on whether or not to use the term “Allah” or “God” with Muslims. We accept either, in that we know and explain in this method how his character differs from the way Muslims see it, and why it matters.) 

The beads/charms and their meaning

CRYSTAL BEAD ( or SILVER triangular bead) – represents GOD.  He is pure, perfect and holy; the all-powerful Creator God who is present everywhere and knows everything.  He is merciful, compassionate and just.

HEART  – God is love.  He loves you wants a relationship with you!  And he gave you a heart so you could love him and others too. 

GIFT – all good things in your life, and everything you love are gifts from God!  They are a taste of God’s goodness and love for you.  He also gave us all the gift of choice.   

LESSON of God’s character: he wants us to choose to love him, learn about him, and follow his way, because of his goodness to us.

GREEN beads –  because God is love, he made people to have a relationship with. He made ADAM & EVE and put them in the GARDEN of EDEN.

TREE, LEAF or FLOWER    Adam and Eve chose not to obey God and were sent out of the garden.  This was the beginning of the miseries in the world.  We can not be perfectly happy on earth, because we were made for paradise and life in the presence of God.  

LESSON of Prophet Adam: if God judged and punished his first humans, he will judge and punish us.

BLUE Bead –  By the time of PROPHET NOAH people had chosen wrong so often that the world became violent and evil. God judged the world and punished it with a flood.

ARK, Raindrop or Dove charm –  Prophet Noah and his family and some animals were saved on a boat called an ark, because Noah listened to God’s voice and went his way.  

LESSON of Prophet Noah:  God punished evil, but saves those who follow his way.  WE must all  find his way!

WHITE  bead or  1st LAMB (with or without rocks like an altar)  – represents PROPHET ABRAHAM, who was the friend of God, and was so submitted to the will of God that he was willing to sacrifice his son.  

But God sent a substitute – a perfect sheep, called el Korbany (by the Muslims), and celebrated at Eid el Adha.  

LESSON of Prophet Abraham:  God asks for a sacrifice, but accepts a substitute.

BLACK beads – these represent sins.  COMMANDMENT, SCROLL, or BOOK charm – represents the law brought by PROPHET MOSES to the Israelites.  No one could perfectly keep this law, so God told Prophet Moses to have them offer blood sacrifices as payment for their sins.

The beads are different shapes and sizes because although some people sin more than others, in God’s eyes we are all sinners.  

Prophet Moses and others prophesied that if Israel was unfaithful to God and worshipped idols, it would be attacked by other nations and its people taken captive.  The Israelites did worship idols, and so the prophecy came true.  

LESSON of Prophet Moses: we are all sinners and need sacrifice to cover our sins.

PURPLE or PINK  bead – represents the Prophets of Promiser that came between Moses and Jesus, like Isaiah.  They prophesied that one day the final sacrifice would come, which would cover all sin (for example, Isaiah 53).  LESSON of the Later Prophets: we should look for the final sacrifice.

RED BEADS and 2nd LAMB charm – these represent Jesus and his blood.  Known as Isa in Islam, Jesus was the promised LAMB of GOD, as Prophet John the Baptist (Prophet Yahia) testified of him.  

Back at the beginning of creation God knew when he gave us a choice that it would cost him deeply.  His perfect character would be hurt by the evil done on earth in the midst of his lovely universe, and he would have to do something to make it right.  His perfect character and need for justice demanded it!  

SCALES charm – reminds us of God’s justice. In God’s eyes, good deeds and sins are separate things, like apples and oranges, and do NOT balance each other out.  Just as if you stole a million dollars from one neighbor, but built a hospital which saved the life of another.  The fact that you did something good for one does not change the fact that you owe money to the other. A just judge would still make you pay back or go to prison.

God knows that we are all sinners because he made us; we can’t fool him!  We do not meet his standard.  Since only God is perfect, only he can pay for sins.  As the Creator, and our heavenly Father, he takes that responsibility, in a way similar to the way your father took responsibility for you and paid for something you broke when you were little.  

Because of his great love he came to earth once to die as a sacrifice in our place and rise again.   Jesus satisfied the demands of perfect character of God, which is both just and merciful.  Only in him does God’s justice balance his mercy.  

LESSON of Jesus:  He is the expected lamb of God.  He is the only one who covers sin and saves!

GOLD bead (or sky blue) – Jesus is the only way to God in heaven where the streets are gold!     

PRAYING HANDS – if we pray to God, confess our sins, and choose to accept Jesus as the sacrifice in our place; he will forgive us and send his Holy Spirit to live in us. Then we live daily to please him: praying, worshipping, reading the Bible, fellowshipping with other believers, and sharing the good news of forgiveness through him.

LESSON of the praying hands:  we must all personally decide what we believe, and if we will accept Jesus sacrifice in our place and be saved.

May the Lord bless and anoint you as you proclaim his Good News through the Path of the Prophets bracelet!

Edition of 2021

FREE Resource

Download FREE PDF Version: Path of the Prophets Bracelet Instructions