Outreach – the More the Longer

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The MORE the LONGER: The more Christians are open about their faith, and the more Christians that share it, the less we can be marginalized and silenced. We will have the right longer.

Jesus told us to go everywhere and share his teachings. Regions that do not allow the open exchange of ideas create a dilemma for Christians. In Muslim and communist countries, Christians are very restricted in where, when, what they can say about the Bible, the gospel, and their faith.

Traditionally America and parts of Europe have been bastions of the Freedom of Speech. Although constitutionally protected by the First Amendment in America, more and more topics are being forbidden as “hate speech.” As the West becomes increasingly post-Christian, restrictions come our way. Take for example, pastors. For expressing Biblical opinions, they face accusations: some are actually arrested, as in Finland.

Average Christians are being characterized as unkind, extreme, unloving and intolerant. Sadly, you can often guess the criminal in a show by looking for who wears a cross or goes to church. Some televangelists and street preachers do come across as judgmental. This taints all Christians.

In this video, Dr. Cynthia points out a way that we can fight against negative Christian stereotypes: if Christians bear the fruit of the Spirit and are openly share their faith, it will be more difficult to marginalize us. Let’s let the Holy Spirit fill us with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness and self-control (Galatians 6:22). And let’s take the “good news” wherever we go.