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Becoming Christian from Muslim

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“Becoming Christian from Muslim is one of the strongest, most attractive and well- prepared preaching series.”

Dr. Joseph Nassrallah, CEO of The Way TV & The Cross TV

Over seven years in the making, “Becoming Christian from Muslim” uniquely combines reality segments from the life of a new Christian from a Muslim background, with teaching sessions, testimonies and answers to Muslim questions.

“It is the first series of its kind,” says Dr. Cynthia, the series creator and producer. “With this novel format, we can explain the Christian faith in a way that former Muslims and Muslim seekers can clearly understand. That also makes it a vibrant teaching tool for Christians wanting to learn more about reaching Muslims for Christ.”

Essentially everything a Muslim needs to know and walk with Jesus is explained – from the gospel, to Christian living, theology, and apologetics. The questions Huda and other Muslims ask are from their unique perspective – and often not what Christians expect. Disagreements between Christianity and Islam are handled openly, but respectfully.

Previously, the series 27 half hour episodes aired worldwide on The Way TV, which primarily targets the Arabic-speaking world, and its sister English station, The Cross TV. www.ChristianfromMuslim.com is a new home for the full episodes, which can be used for church group training, and Muslim-Christian discussion groups. In addition, it takes hundreds of convenient short clips from the series for fast answers to questions for seekers on internet searches.

The series is hosted by Dr. Cynthia, who has worked with Muslims for decades, and has done other television work. Also featured are guest experts, including: Georges Houssney, Mike Licona, Fouad Masri, Nabeel Qureshi, Daniel Scott, and Bob Siegel.

Summaries of the video clips and a study guide for each episode will enrich your learning by providing additional background information, Bible references, and study questions for group or individual reflection.


“Wow, wow! It’s great!”

Quotation from a Muslim from Syria who watched the show


About Huda

huda becoming christian from muslimBorn and raised in the Middle East, Huda found her new identity in Jesus Christ in September, 2009. About six weeks later, after much prayer consideration, filming began to document Huda’s new life as a believer from a Muslim background. Over the following years, Huda has shown no inclination to return to Islam.


“She’s powerful! It is so touching to hear from someone from a Muslim background say this.”

Quotation from a 20-some year old Egyptian man watching Huda


Traditionally, no Christian from a Muslim background would take the risk of showing their face on television. Huda’s love for Jesus gives her the courage to appear on the show as just who she is – a former Muslim learning to live as a Christian.

“I want to join this program,” says Huda, “because there are a lot of things unknown to people like myself who are from a Muslim background. Before, I didn’t know anything about the Lord Jesus. Through this program I am happy to share the answers.”

Huda now encourages Christians to share the gospel with Muslims. In her years traveling the globe, and sensed there was something wonderful about Jesus, but no one shared the gospel with her until she moved to America.

“All my life I didn’t know about the real God,” Huda says in the show, “I wish anybody came and spoke to me… my eyes were blind.”

About Dr. Cynthia

Dr. Cynthia is a board certified American physician who has been involved in Christian teaching and ethnic evangelism for several decades. Her multiple personal and professional connections with the Muslim world and wide general experience help her connect with people from many backgrounds.

Since 1999, Dr. C has been active in studying Islamic source documents and Arabic to learn the principles Islam teaches. She has visited many mosques and Islamic institutes, and personally spoken to thousands of Muslims in several Islamic countries and America.

Dr. Cynthia is still active in personal evangelism and discipleship of new Muslim believers. Through these relationships and activities with several 501c3 organizations, she has first hand understanding of Muslim thinking, and connections with many who have suffered under Islam.

Besides hosting Becoming Christian from Muslim, Dr. Cynthia has hosted The Way TV’s television series Woman Who Makes a Difference, and taught in churches and universities internationally. She has been active in hospital, church, and community leadership roles, and has blessed to receive a Physician of the Year award, and an “Excellence in Teaching” award from a major American university. Since in Islam evangelizing Muslims is a capital crime for which she has been threatened, our series’ host prefers to go simply by “Dr. Cynthia.”