Good Apologist Friday with Dr. Cynthia

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Holidays are a great time for outreach. During this Holy Week, please pray about, and consider taking at least a few hours on Friday to share and defend the gospel.

Especially for those of us who have studied apologetics and polemics – what are we waiting for? Good Friday is the perfect day to share the evidence for Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection. Even if you are not an apologist, any Christian can explain what Easter means.

“Is Easter about bunnies and chicks?” an American student asked Dr. C on a university campus. Seriously, some university students and internationals who have no idea what Easter is about. Western culture has been that successful at eliminating even basic knowledge of Christianity.

Christians must change that! Jesus told us to go and spread his gospel. He also told us that “obedience is better than sacrifice.” In view of these commands, which is the best way to commemorate Good Friday?

Let’s make this movement grow around the world as Christians independently dedicate Good Friday to share the truth of the gospel. Through this, we can change the world!

To help you understand how, we made this short video. Sharing it could spread the movement.

Also, you will also find Mike Licona‘s tract, A Historian looks at EASTER. You could print it out and distribute it, or use it for ideas and talking points.