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The table that follows contains a comprehensive list of video clips available from Christian from Muslim. Click on the title to watch the video and learn more or click on a category to see an archive.

ID Title Category
595   Gospel Video Tract for Muslims: Path of the Prophets Featured
609   Meet Dr. Cynthia and Huda Miscellaneous
597   The Incarnation and Christmas Episode Full Episode, Miscellaneous
592   Fear, Persecution, and Spiritual Warfare Full Episode, Topics
590   Does God Exist? Full Episode, Questions
586   What Makes a Prophet Episode Full Episode
556   Shopping Day Reality
554   Returning to Islam Islam
552   Facing Insecurity, with Mark Vyka Topics
550   Christian Liberty, with Georges Houssney Topics
548   Are there Rules in Christianity? with Georges Houssney Topics
545   Why Shouldn’t I Marry a Muslim? with George Saieg Topics
543   Why I Wouldn’t Marry a Muslim, with Ada Topics
541   Why a Christian Shouldn’t Marry a Muslim, with Georges Houssney and Elias Topics
539   The Wedding of a Former Muslim and a Christian Reality
537   Why shouldn’t I become a Muslim? with Georges Houssney and Elias Islam
535   What are the differences between Islam & Christianity? with Georges Houssney and Elias Islam
533   An American who Converted to Islam for Marriage Testimonies
531   Advice for Leaving Islam, with Georges Houssney and Elias Islam
529   Discussing Jesus in the Airport Reality
527   The Importance of Prayer, with Kevin & Dee Topics
525   Disciplines of the Christian Life, with Mike Licona Topics
523   Christian Denominations Topics
521   Worship Styles Topics
519   Daily Bible Reading, with Kevin and Dee Topics
517   Share the Gospel with Kevin and Dee Reality
515   Christian Service with Mike Licona Topics
513   What is a Real Christian? Questions, Topics
510   Nabeel Qureshi and the Koran by Terry Kelhawk News
485   The Reality of Christian from Muslim Islam, Topics
461   Welcome to God’s Family Reality, Topics
459   Violence and Rules in the Qur’an Islam, Testimonies, Topics
457   What is Discipleship? Islam, Questions, Topics
455   Tour Turkey in 6 minutes Islam, Travel
453   The Qur’an’s Spell Part 2 Islam, Testimonies, Topics
451   The Qur’an’s Spell Part 1 Islam, Testimonies, Topics
449   The Qur’an’s Spell (Arabic) Islam, عربى
447   The Place of Miracles with Georges Houssney Islam, Topics
445   The Importance of Discipleship with Bob Siegel Topics
443   The Healing Waters of Hot Springs, South Dakota Reality, Travel
441   Testimony of Jewish Background Believer with Bob Siegel Testimonies, Topics
437   Occult Practices in The Middle East with Georges Houssney Islam, Topics
435   Nabeel Qureshi’s Decision to Follow Jesus Islam, Testimonies
433   Miracles Natural and Supernatural, with Nabeel Qureshi Islam, Topics
431   Islam Restricts Learning and Choice Islam, Topics
429   Is There Power in the Words of the Qur’an? Islam, Questions, Topics
427   Is it Wrong to Ask for a Miracle? with Bob Siegel Questions, Topics
425   Growth Takes Time Topics
423   Huda’s Reasons for Joining this Project Subtitles Islam, Reality, Topics, عربى
421   Growing as a Christian with Professor Daniel Scot Topics
419   Goals for a Former Muslim Disciple Islam, Topics
417   Encouragement to Read the Bible Topics
415   Do I Need a Miracle to Convert? with Nabeel Qureshi Islam, Questions, Topics
357   The Sermon on the Mount Topics
355   Huda Hopes You Learn Islam, Testimonies, Topics
353   Lessons from Surfing Reality, Topics
351   Jesus’ Teaching Style Topics
349   Purpose of Jesus’ Teaching Topics
347   Jesus’ Teaching Amazed the People Reality, Topics
344   Jesus’ Teaching – Metaphors Topics
342   Mendocino Coast and the House on the Rock Reality, Topics, Travel
340   Six Month Discipleship Update Reality, Topics
338   Being Friends with God by Fouad Masri Reality, Topics
336   Discussing the Great Commission Reality, Topics
334   Why are Christians Baptized? Questions, Topics
332   Former Muslim Huda’s Baptism Reality, Testimonies, Topics
330   The Ocean and the Great Commission Reality, Topics
328   Five Year Discipleship Update Topics
326   Adult Baptism Reality, Topics
324   Lessons from Picking Pomegranates Reality, Topics
322   Jesus’ Teaching – Context Topics
320   Jesus’ Parables – Lost Jewelry Coin Topics
318   Seeking Coffee Reality, Topics
316   Jesus’ Parables – Prodigal Son with Bob Siegel Topics
314   Jesus’ Parable – Types of Soil Topics
312   Jesus’ Teaching – Neighbors Topics
310   Jesus’ Parable – The Vine Reality, Topics
308   The Power of Parables Reality, Topics
306   Misuse of Parables Islam, Topics
304   Peace and Purpose in the Garden Reality, Topics, Travel
302   Enable Us Music Video with Words Miscellaneous
300   Three Keys to the Truth with Georges Houssney Topics
298   Is Detachment Good? with Luke Price Questions, Topics
296   Are All Religions True? with Luke Price Questions, Topics
294   The Bible is Written in Several Styles Topics
292   Inspiration of the Bible Topics
290   Arabic translations of the Bible Topics, عربى
288   Translations of the Bible and Qu’ran Islam, Topics
286   Are there many Bibles? Questions, Topics
284   Fort Bragg Catch of the Day Reality, Travel
282   How is God’s voice implied in the Bible? Questions
280   What’s in the New Testament? – Part Three Questions, Topics
278   What’s in the New Testament? – Part Two Questions, Topics
276   What’s in the New Testament? – Part One Questions, Topics
273   What’s in the Old Testament? Islam, Questions, Topics
271   Psalm 23 with Bob Siegel Topics
269   Intro to the Bible – Part Two Topics
267   Intro to the Bible – Part One Topics
265   How do Christians spread the Gospel? Questions
263   Do We Get Points for Reading the Bible? Questions, Topics
261   Quick Trip to Washington DC Reality, Travel
259   Huda Summarizes the Bible & Quran (عربى with English subtitles) عربى
257   How Many Prophets Wrote the Bible? Questions, Topics
255   What Does Injeel Mean? Questions, Topics
253   The Bible and the Qur’an Part 2 Islam, Topics
251   God’s Faithfulness Reality, Topics
249   Historical Evidence of the Crucifixion Topics
247   Former Muslim’s First Easter Reality, Topics
244   California State University Sacramento Events, More, News
143   Has the Bible been corrupted? Questions, Short Clips, Topics
141   Huda on Islam Islam, Short Clips
139   Testimony of Former Muslim MBI Islam, Short Clips, Testimonies
137   Mosques in America Islam, Reality, Short Clips
135   Why the Bible? Short Clips, عربى
133   Disillusion with Islam Islam, Short Clips, Topics
131   Where do I start reading the Bible? Questions, Short Clips, Topics
129   Jesus or Mohammed? Islam, Questions, Short Clips, Topics
127   How do I find the truth? Questions, Short Clips, Topics
125   Why is the crucifixion important? Questions, Short Clips, Topics
123   Did Jesus only appear to die? Questions, Short Clips, Topics
120   Did Jesus die on the cross? Part 2 Questions, Short Clips, Topics
118   Did Jesus die on the cross? Part 1 More, Questions, Short Clips, Topics
116   What is the difference between the Bible and the Quran? Islam, Short Clips, Topics
110   How Does God Speak in the Bible? Questions, Short Clips, Topics
67   A Quick Trip to Egypt with Dr. Cynthia Islam, Short Clips, Travel
65   Barbie’s Personal Testimony & Encouragement Short Clips, Testimonies
63   Huda’s testimony of becoming Christian from Muslim Featured, Islam, Short Clips, Testimonies